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Strength for the Journey

Strength for the Journey

Strength of the Journey is for those who want to grow deeper in the Word of God. This is the reason Pastor Tim strives to give down to earth message notes to help all believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Tim simply shares from the knowledge he was taught and learned by men of God such as the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, Dr. Adrian Rogers and Dr. J. Vernon McGee; as well as Dr. Harold Wilmington, Dr Ed Hindson, Dr. Elmer Towns, Dr. Sumner Wemp, Dr James L. Upchurch, Dr. Stephen Davey, Dr. Gene Schyuller, Dr. Paul Monroe and a host of other men of God who believe that the Bible is God’s inspired infallible voice for the church age.

All notes are free and are not intended to be sold. They may be copied and used for the sole purpose of furthering the Cause of Christ.


Staying FREE from the DEVIL’S GRIP-Preached by Pastor Tim Batten

A Study in the Proverbs-Successful Living-Preached by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 1 Study in Proverbs-Preached Oct 28, 2012 by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 2 Study in Proverbs-Preached Nov 4,2012 by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 3 Study in Proverbs-Preached Nov 11,2012 by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 4 Study in Proverbs-Preached Dec 30, 2012 by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 5 Study in Proverbs-Preached Dec 9, 2012 by Pastor Tim Batten

Part 6 Study in Proverbs-Peached Dec 30, 2012 By Pastor Tim Batten

Part 7 Study in Proverbs-Preached Jan 6, 2013 By Pastor Tim Batten

How to Discern the Will of God-Part I-IV -Preached Aug. 24/31, Sept. 7/14, 2012-By Pastor Tim Batten

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